A candidate for admission to the Ph.D. degree program will apply in the prescribed form (obtainable from the office of the Registrar) to the Chairman of the Department or the Director of the Institute along with the recommendation of the supervisor(s).He or she must fulfill the following admission requirements.

The candidate must possess the M.Phil. degree of University of Dhaka or of a recognized university. An M.Phil. student of University of Dhaka who has successfully completed the First Part courses of studies and has passed the M.Phil. First Part Examination may be transferred to the Ph.D. program on the recommendation of his/her supervisor(s) certifying satisfactory progress of research work and the Academic Committee of the Department/institute concerned and on approval of the Board of Advanced Studies and the Academic Council. In the cases of Institutes, applications for such transfer will be processed through the Committee of Advanced Studies/Academic Committee of the Institute concerned as the case may be.

 Teachers of the University of Dhaka or of the constituent colleges, or of other universities of Bangladesh and their affiliated and constituent colleges, as well as scholars of research organizations and academic institutions having 2 years teaching/research experience as approved by the University are eligible to apply for admission, provided they possess a First Class or a Second Class Master’s degree or equivalent degree of this university or of a recognized university and shall have at least Second Division/Class in all earlier examinations; provided also that candidates from the University and the affiliated and constituent colleges must have teaching experiences at the graduate level for at least two years and research publications; Scholars of research organizations must have demonstrated evidence of research ability in the form of published papers in standard academic journals recognized by this university. Provided further that in the case of teachers in service of this university but not possessing the requisite qualifications, the Academic Committee/ Committee of Advanced Studies of the Department/Institute may recommend to the Academic Council through the appropriate channel a relaxation of the above requirements.

Each candidate shall have not more than three joint supervisors. The supervisor must be of the rank of Professor or Associate Professor. One of the joint supervisors may be from outside this university provided the Academic Council has accorded the necessary recognition and permission for this purpose. The Registrar on receiving the application form for admission from the Chairman of the Department or the Director of the Institute shall place it before the relevant Ph.D. Committee of the Faculty/Institute concerned and then forward the application together with the recommendation of the Ph.D. Committee to the Board of Advanced Studies and the Academic Council for final approval.

A candidate for the Ph.D. degree shall be registered as a Ph.D. student of the University on payment of the prescribed fees and dues. A Ph.D. candidate serving in any organization including the University shall take leave of absence for at least one year at the time of joining the Ph.D. work. Provided that this requirement may be relaxed by the Academic Council on the recommendation of the Academic committee of the Department/Institute concerned for applicants of higher educational institutions/research organization. Provided further that a Ph.D. Scholar may spend part of his time in another institution in the country or abroad on prior approval of the University. 

The Registration for the Ph.D. degree will remain valid for a period of four years. The Registration may be renewed for a further period of four years. The Ph.D. scholar will give at least one seminar talk at the Department/Institute every year on a topic of his/her own field of research.

The recommendations of the Academic Committee of the Department/ Institute concerned is a prerequisite for any change of topic of research. A change of supervisor must also be approved by the Academic  Committee/Committee of Advanced Studies and the previous supervisor must also give his/her written consent. All such changes of the topic of research or of supervisor must be approved by the Board of Advanced Studies and the Academic Council. A separate prescribed form shall be used for this purpose.