Syllabus and Curriculum: Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS) – Honours

Programme Title: Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS) – Honours

Total Course Units: 32 (including 30 taught courses)

Total Credits: 128

Total Marks: 3200

Duration: 4 Years (8 semesters)

YearCoursesCredits/Course Marks/Course
First YearFirst Semester

IR 101: Introduction to International Relations

IR 102: Introduction to Global Issues

IR 103: International Relations since 1919

IR 104: Introduction to Political Science
First YearSecond Semester

IR 105: Ideologies in World Affairs

IR 106: Political History of Bangladesh

IR 107: Introduction to Sociology

IR 108: Introduction to Economics

Second YearThird Semester

IR 201: Politics of Regional and International Institutions

IR 202: Introduction to Political Geography

IR 203: Media and International Relations

IR 204: Foreign Language - I

Second YearFourth Semester

IR 205: Foreign Policy Analysis

IR 206: Refugees, Migrants and the Displaced

IR 207: Political Thoughts on International Relations

IR 208: Foreign Language - II

Third YearFifth Semester

IR 301: Strategic Studies

IR 302: Comparative Foreign Policies

IR 303: Bangladesh in Global Affairs

IR 304: Qualitative Methods in Social Research

Third YearSixth Semester

IR 305: International Law

IR 306: Development and Governance

IR 307: Global Environmental Politics

IR 308: Quantitative Methods in Social Research

Fourth YearSeventh Semester

IR 401: Theories of International Relations

IR 402: Law of the Sea

IR 403: Gender and International Relations

IR 404: International Diplomacy and Negotiations

Fourth YearEighth Semester

IR 405: State, Civil Society and Human Rights

IR 406: Politics of Globalization

Fourth YearDirected Reading/Research Project
Fourth YearWritten Comprehensive Test
Fourth YearOral Test